Booster Representatives


The Forest Hills Central Athletic Boosters welcomes you to the 2015-2016 sports season!  We would like you to become members of the FHC Athletic Booster Club.  What is the “Booster Club?”  It is an organization that is composed of individuals who are part of the Forest Hills Central school community and who are interested in supporting our athletic programs.  Members share in the Ranger School Spirit and the success of the athletic programs through our volunteer work and fundraising activities and events.  As a parent of a Ranger athlete, you ARE a Booster Club member.

The FHC Athletic Booster Club is committed to supporting Ranger athletics in those areas where we can assist. Our involvement this year includes the new and improved fall “Tailgator” event, running our concessions (indoor and outdoor), spirit wear stores at sporting events and online, assistance with the imminent athletic facilities upgrades, and funding requests from the coaches that cannot be financed from existing budgets.

Our students at FHC have many athletic opportunities.  These extra-curricular programs at the high school level continue to be an important part of the high school experience.  Through involvement in sports, over 900 Ranger student-athletes learn many life and leadership skills, learn the importance of teamwork, as well as develop many friendships that may last a lifetime.

Your support of FHC athletics is important to our students, our school and our community!

Thank you in advance for your support.  GO RANGERS!


Athletic Director:  Clark Udell

Secy: Carol Sprys

2015-16 Board Members

President: Carolyn Ringler
Vice-President:  Laura Wiltz
Treasurer:  Jen Bunke & Nicole Tilton
Secretary:  Heather Lunt

Members at Large:

Carol David, Maggie Dodson, Joel Harner, MaryLee McClure, Dave Samra 


Membership to the FHC Athletic Boosters Club is open to all persons over the age of 18 who reside in that portion of the FHPS district from which students attend FH Central High School or parents of “school of choice” students attending FH Central High School.

Please consider attending our meetings and become your team’s parent Sport Representative.

Sport Representative Duties:

A Sport Representative acts as a liaison between a school team and the Booster Club.  He/She shall foster and maintain cooperation and open communication between the Booster Club and that particular team.  The Sport Representative is responsible for coordinating/staffing concessions stands and other activities as required by the President.