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Fundraising Opportunities and 2012-2013 Team Allocations

Forest Hills Foods will donate 2% of every purchase BACK to the FHC Athletic Boosters!!!!  All you have to do is sign up at the Customer Service Counter and scan your card at check-out!  It is as simple as that!  Go to the service counter and ask for a service card.  They have the code for the FHC Athletic Boosters – just ask for that code and you will be good to go!!  If you already have a card, go to the service counter and ask that FHC Athletic Boosters be added to your current card!!!  No new card will be needed.  Thank you in advance for your support of athletics here at FHC!!!!

Did you know—–

• Contributions to FHC Athletic Boosters allows financial assistance to over 30 athletic teams represented by over 1,000 FHC student athletes;

• Your FHC Athletic Booster Club currently provides over $36,000 per year to teams;

• Your FHC Athletic Booster Club funds allows teams to purchase items/services that are needed, but not “required” to participate.

• You are a member of our Club – all are welcome.  We are all volunteers who support Ranger Athletics. We do not collect dues.

• Concessions and fund raisers are the primary sources of funds- both require significant support from teams, booster volunteers and the community.

2012-13 Booster Funds Allocation per Sport

Athletic Booster Fundraising Letter