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School Info

Forest Hills Central High School
Telephone: (616) 493-8700

5901 Hall Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-3372

Attendance Line: (616) 493-8712

Guidance Office:  (616) 493-8711

Athletic Office:  (616) 493-8715

Media Center:  (616) 493-8722

Main Office Fax: (616) 493-8721

Guidance Office Fax: (616) 493-8714

E-mail: dumphrey@fhps.us

School Office Hours:  

7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 


Forest Central High School participates in the following interscholastic sports:


Men: Cross Country, Football, Soccer, and Tennis

Women: Cross Country, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Golf, Sideline Cheer, Swimming and Diving,   and Volleyball


Men: Basketball, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Swimming and Diving, and Wrestling

Women: Basketball, Bowling, Competitive Cheer, Gymnastics, Pom Pons, Sideline Cheer, and   Skiing


Men: Baseball, Crew, Cycling, Golf, LaCrosse, Rugby, Track and Field

Women: Crew, Cycling, LaCrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field 

For more information, contact our school’s athletic director, Bill Kennedy, at 493-8715.

Parents/Guardians of Participating Athletes

When your child participates in the school interscholastic athletic program, the parents/guardians of these student athletes also commit themselves to certain responsibilities and obligations, which are outlined in the Athletic Handbook (downloadable file above). Your signature on the Athletic Contract, along with the signature of your student athlete, indicates that you understand and accept those responsibilities and obligations and agree to cooperate with school personnel to ensure that the Athletic Code is followed.

Parents/Guardians of athletes participating in fall, winter and/or spring sports are required to attend the Parent Informational Meeting scheduled by the athletic director at the beginning of each season. Team rules are distributed and discussed at this meeting. Those who are unable to attend these informational meetings must schedule an individual meeting with the athletic director at FHC. Check the online school calendar for dates and times of our scheduled meetings.

As fans and spectators of athletic events, parents/guardians of athletes play as special role in supporting their athlete, the coach and the team. Parents/Guardians of athletes are expected and encouraged to model good sportsmanship at all times during athletic events. All are invited to join the Athletic Boosters and become part of the longstanding traditions associated with interscholastic athletic support in Forest Hills.

Athletic Passes

Passes are available in the athletic office of each high school and in the main office of each middle school. They will also be on sale at each athletic event. Pass prices are:

Student:  5 Events for $10.00 and 10 Events for $20.00

Adult:  5 Events for $15.00 and 10 Events for $30.00

General Admission is $5.00 for adult and $3.00 for student tickets